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Sarah Craig

We are a small scale, diversified family farm and kitchen in Harrisville, NH. With many years of experience in farming and cooking, Craig and Sarah bring you the highest quality meats, artisanal sausage, and gourmet foods in Southern New Hampshire.

We raise all natural beef, chicken, lamb, pork and turkey on pasture and locally sourced, non-GMO grains. In the coming years our orchard will produce strawberries, raspberries, apples and pears (2015). In addition to using our hoop house to house livestock in the winter…

we look forward to using it to grow a variety of produce.

In our state licensed commercial kitchen, we do our best to use ingredients that we either raise ourselves or source from other local farmers, creating a variety high-quality prepared entrées, baked goods, artisanal sausages, meats and which we sell in our Farm Store. We also create personalized menus for catered events.

The result is flavorful and healthful food that is not only delicious, but also helps to sustain our farm and others like it.

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We’ve created an on-site farm store to meet all your needs. You can simply come by anytime and help yourself to the fridge or freezer, leaving your payment in the box on the honor system.

Here you’ll find a consistent selection of our eggs, beef, lamb, pork, house made sausage, prepared foods, and seasonal fruit. We also carry a seasonal variety of produce grown by other local farmers, honey, maple syrup. jam and chutney, local soap and lotion, cookbooks and more.

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Happy April! We’ll be posting more about events and farm dinners soon. We’ve decided to spend this season focusing on our farm store, on farm events and catering, and wholesale. To that end, we won’t be regularly attending any farmer’s markets, but we hope to see you on the farm soon. Strawberry season is less than two months away!

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Egg basket, K. Peck July 2013 Dinner Menu Gougere, K Peck pulled pork sandwich flourless cake with ice cream grilled sausage sausage plate strawberries testing try III! Lambs, photo by K. Peck Barn Door, by K. Peck


Craig enjoys digging in and getting dirty. As a young child Craig raised a small herd of dairy goats, shouldering the daily responsibilities of care and milking. He took a circuitous route back to animal husbandry, spending nearly 20 years training horses.

He takes pleasure in all aspects of farming. On any given day he can be found rounding up loose animals, making small batches of artisanal sausage, fixing fences, delivering piglets or lambs, harvesting berries, plowing snow, making hay or sitting on a bale of straw enjoy the quietness of the early morning.

Craig particularly enjoys the diversity of his lifestyle as a farmer, bridging the gap between farm and food and connecting eaters to the source.


​Sarah fought the need to work with food for a long time. While denying her true calling, she pursued other interests (riding horses); she got a masters degree (school counseling); and she fell in love (yes, with Craig). But throughout this time, she never stopped talking about food. Her favorite game on long car rides was to recite menus from great meals she’d had in the past. She never made a quick dinner, but always used every pot and pan available. Though cleaning up was never her strong suit (she has gotten neater).

Finally she accepted her fate. In 2009 she went to Bend, Oregon to study pastry with an internationally renowned teacher and baker. Since then she’s never looked back, turning out an endless array of croissants, breads, quiches, cookies and beautifully catered events.

Be sure to introduce yourself to her when you come by the farm — she’ll be the one with the apron on and flour in her hair.


  • "Best milk & cookies of the night. "

    - Santa Claus, 2014

  • "In planning our wedding, it was essential to us to find a caterer who shared our passion for quality of food and could help us curate a farm-to-table/field-to-plate menu. When we visited Mayfair Farm, we knew Sarah and Craig were the perfect fit. The food they make is as delicious as their excitement over farming is inspiring. As someone planning from afar, I knew I could rely on Sarah for guidance on rentals and menus without having to worry. She was on board with my vision for the meal and the entire event, and helped coordinate across vendors with flexible, enthusiastic support. We received tons of compliments on the food and specialty cocktails at our wedding, and are so grateful for Mayfair Farm. We highly recommend Sarah and Craig to anyone for their wedding or catering needs!"

    - A. Andrews

  • "[The farm dinner] was fabulous. The setting couldn't have been more beautiful. I'm so glad that you were able to be up on the hilltop, finally! And weren't we lucky to be the first ones to be entertained in that fashion. The food was delicious. We missed the primo because we arrived late, but the antipasto erased all memory of loss. What a spread that was, and every dish we tried (almost all of them) was so tasty. Your polenta couldn't have been better; it was so creamy and colorful. And the pairing with chicken caponata was brilliant. And then the dessert. Heavenly."

    - M.E.

  • "What a splendid and memorable evening on Sunday! Everything was perfect, delicious and beautiful -- and a rainbow too. We missed seeing Sarah to congratulate her in person. You have created an amazing place, completely transformed since we saw you last summer. "

    - J.R.

  • "I had the MOST wonderful time at your dinner. Everything was perfect! The setting, the food, the ambience, the tables, the clouds, the tiny bit of rain, all the incredible helpers and of course the farm! You two are simply wonderful!"

    - K.S.

  • "You, your Mom, and your crew were so pleasant to work with. It’s pretty unusual to have caterers with peace, calm and smiles throughout rather than intensity and stress. And that’s over and beyond your wonderful food!"

    - D.J., Venue Coordinator


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Whenever possible, please park in the upper lot and walk down to the farm store. This keeps parking space available directly outside the store for elderly and disabled customers and for deliveries to come in and shipments out.


Our farm store is self service and open daily. Check or cash only at this time. Small bills are greatly appreciated.

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Mayfair Farm

31 Clymers Dr. Harrisville, NH 03450 (603)827-3925

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We offer a variety of products wholesale. Our specialties include biscotti, quiche, gluten free cakes, and USDA processed pork and lamb.

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